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As the market and technology leader in assay technologies, QIAGEN offers you unique advantages as an OEM partner:
  • High-quality enzymes for PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR and NGS applications 
  • Flexible service to meet your needs
  • Bulk fillings to meet your manufacturing requirements
  • Guaranteed quality, supply and delivery  

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Back to topEnzymes for unique applications

As your OEM partner, QIAGEN can draw on decades of experience, resources, and expertise to provide enzymes optimized for a wide range of specialist applications. The range of enzymes and reagents for PCR, whole genome amplification, next-generation sequencing and molecular diagnostics available goes far beyond those available in our standard catalog. Please inquire for details.

Back to topRobust enzymes to overcome PCR inhibitors

High-quality enzymes enable gene expression analysis and other quantitative applications especially from crude samples such as lysates, blood spots, plant tissues, and other samples containing high levels of PCR inhibitors. The hot-start enzymes are highly stable at room temperature and provide fast-cycling protocols, with high-precision amplification.

Back to topLicense-free polymerases and enzymes

QIAGEN has a wide variety of license-free enzyme options for you to choose from to ensure that you are in the best price position to go to market.

Enzyme product capabilities
+25 Polymerases  +10 Reverse trancriptases +7 Ligases
Hi Fidelity PCR Engineered M-MLVs 99% purity
Long-range PCR up to 40 kb Minimal 5' to 3' bias Work in high ionic strength (1M) environments
GC- & AT-rich PCR Thermostable Duplex DNA, DNA/RNA compatibility
Uracil literate PCR Improved RNA template binding Repair single strand nicks DNA, RNA & DNA/RNA hybrids
Multiplex PCR & qPCR RNase H- or H+ options 1000x enzyme activity on sticky vs
blunt ends
Isothermal PCR Oligo-dT, random & gene-specific priming Thermostable
Direct sample PCR & qPCR Multiplexing compatibility Discriminate against mismatch ligation
Tolerant to clinical & plant inhibitors Single tube master mixes  
Eliminates need for extraction    

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