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Custom-made and manufactured to your specifications – high-quality oligos, primers and probes
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Create a custom solution with the following features
Three Quality Grade Options
  • Development LC:  60–80% purity level, for small scale research phase
  • Development HPLC:  ≥90% purity for development phase projects
  • IVD ASR: Purity to specification for mid- to large-scale production using dedicated HPLC columns 
Types of Oligo Options
  • Unmodified Oligos:  Primers up to 150 bases
  • Modified Oligos:       Probes  
  • NGS Adapters:  Amplification primers & barcodes ​
Plus 60 Modification Options

The following modifications examples are available in addition to custom requests for faster detection time and improved assay sensitivity and specificity:

  • Fluorescent groups
  • Reporter-Quencher Probes
  • Minor Groove Binder (MGB) Probes
  • Biotin
  • Phosphate
  • Spacers
  • Conjugation to various molecules
  • Amino, thio, phosphorothioate bonds and more
Plus 25 Reporter Dye Options

We offer a variety of reporter dyes to work across a multitude of detection platforms in combination with long and complex molecules:

  • Absorbance range Options: 425–683 nm
  • Excitation range options: 506–707 nm
  • Ability to combine fluorescent groups and quenchers
Additional services
  • Bulks or aliquots in tubes
  • Concentration targeting
  • Custom mixing
  • Custom labeling on the product vial
  • Non-cross-contamination guarantee for IVD-grade oligos

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