Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology is revolutionizing life sciences research and healthcare. The speed, throughput and flexibility of NGS provides researchers with the means to gain valuable insights at a rate never before possible. No longer used for purely academic research, NGS technologies are now spreading to clinical applications and helping to refine our understanding of disease.

While recent technological developments have made NGS more accessible to smaller labs, many barriers to adoption still exist. High costs, fragmented workflows and the complexity of data analysis and interpretation make it challenging. There is an urgent need for a simpler, more cost-effective and efficient way for laboratories to take advantage of NGS technology and improve outcomes.

Whether you are new to NGS or an established NGS user, we offer instruments, consumables and bioinformatics solutions to meet your needs.
  • GeneReader NGS System
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    Discover QIAGEN’s complete Sample to Insight NGS solution. The GeneReader NGS system incorporates the new GeneReader sequencing platform as part of a highly automated workflow, taking you from primary sample preparation to final report. Including QIAGEN’s target enrichment panels and integrated QIAGEN Clinical Insight (QCI) bioinformatics solutions, we can help you to identify the genetic variants that are most meaningful to your research. Learn how our automated solutions, target enrichment panels and GeneRead library preparation kits can help you unlock the power of NGS.
  • QIAseq NGS Solutions
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    Welcome to QIAGEN’s portfolio of Sample to Insight solutions for Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencers. From Liquid Biopsy and Oncology Biomarker Discovery to Metagenomics and Single Cell sequencing, our application-specific products provide researchers with comprehensive solutions to deliver the next wave of innovation in the genomics community. Combined with our bioinformatics software and curated knowledge bases, QIAseq solutions help transform your NGS samples into clear, insightful results.