Next-generation digital PCR systems that rely on a novel nanoplate-based technology for highly precise, absolute nucleic acid quantification
Furthering the evolution of its strong PCR portfolio and expertise in assay development and automation, QIAGEN is ready to advance digital PCR to a new level. Digital PCR (dPCR) enables precise quantification of nucleic acids and target sequences, with superior sensitivity compared to other PCR- and NGS-based approaches. The QIAGEN dPCR systems come with a promise of quicker time-to-result, higher multiplexing and greater throughput flexibility than currently available digital PCR platforms, enabling customers to unlock a lot more molecular insights than ever. Most importantly, a plate-based, high-throughput workflow mimics contemporary quantitative PCR (qPCR), making dPCR a highly adoptable tool for diverse life science research applications.
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    Technology and Workflow Overview
    Enjoy absolute nucleic acid quantification with improved multiplexing, throughput and scalability
    Fully integrated, plate-based workflow, advantages over conventional qPCR
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